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Car accidents can take an emotional, physical, and financial toll on those involved.

​​Rear-End Accidents
Rear-end accidents are among the most common type of collision seen on Illinois roads and highways in the Chicagoland Area. Start-and-stop traffic along with distracted driving are the most common causes for this type of accident.  
A driver may have been distracted by a cell phone or radio and taking his or her eyes off the road; or possibly they may have been speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs causing serious personal injury.

Side Impact Collisions
Side impact collisions  are among the most serious types of accidents that can occur on roadways. This is primarily because side impact accidents involve parts of the vehicle that are usually not as protected as the front or rear of a vehicle and usually occur at higher speeds.
These accidents often occur at busy intersections.  Injuries sustained by accident victims in side impact collisions are usually more severe because the generally occur at greater speeds.  A victim in such an accident may receive severe injuries such as broken bones and lacerations and internal organ damage.  Spinal cord injuries and trauma to the brain are also common.

​Intersection Accidents
Many of the areas in and around Chicago prove to be dangerous places for drivers.  There are numerous intersections in the city and suburban areas that have three, four, or five way intersections that may prove daunting, even for the experienced driver.  Accidents at busy intersections may pose challenges to prove who was at fault and where the ultimate liability may lie. That's why you need aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys working on your side to  Prove fault after an intersection accident and recover damages for your injuries and compensation for property damage sustained in the accident.

Head on Accidents
Head-on car accidents are arguably among the most serious types of accidents on roads and highways.  The forces that are produced from the collision of two speeding cars slamming into each other often results in catastrophic injury and major damage to property. These types of accidents may leave victims unable to walk, disabled, or dead.  In head on collisions it may be necessary to reconstruct the accident in order to assign liability.  Let our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys sort out the technical aspects of your case, protect your interests, and get you the justice that you deserve.

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